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Language in a Culture of Thinking

In 1978, educator Lev Vygotsky explored the idea that children make sense of the world around them not only through their eyes but also through their speech. In other words, 'it is not just seeing but acting that becomes informed by words.'

As educators, how might the LANGUAGE we use help children develop the disposition to be critical and creative thinkers?

Cultures of Thinking is an educational framework arising from the work of Dr. Ron Ritchhart and colleagues at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. For many years, I have enjoyed a close affiliation with this team, and now work with educators around the world interested in building cultures of thinking in their own schools and organisations.

This interview is the 2nd in an 8 part series of podcasts with Colin Klupiec of The Learning Capacity Podcast, where I delve into each of the 8 cultural forces that we must master in order to truly transform our schools.

To listen to the podcast, click HERE, and to read a full transcript of the interview, click HERE.

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