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Simon partners closely with schools to support them with building and nurturing cultures of thinking and learning.

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Culturesof Thinking

How might schools build a culture of critical and creative thinking? How might they affect lasting change? In this program, Simon leverages Harvard Cultures of Thinking pedagogy along with many years of leadership know-how to support educators with transforming the learning culture at their schools. Through the training of teachers and facilitators, and the creation of in-school, cross-faculty study groups, Simon supports schools in broadening the circle of outstanding teachers, and ensuring that professional development becomes less about ‘going on courses’ and more about leading growth from within.

Building a Thinking Culture


Cultures of ThinkingAction Research

What else might schools do to deepen teachers’ thinking about student learning and embed a culture of critical and creative thinking? Action Research is a systematic approach to investigation that enables educators to explore effective solutions to the puzzles of practice they face. In this year-long program, Simon collaborates closely with teachers as they identify and interrogate the big questions of education that matter most to them in their classroom practice. A motivating experience for all parties, Action Research allows teachers to inspire one another and drive innovation from within.


Cultures of Thinking Instructional Rounds

How might schools bring discussions about instruction directly into the process of school improvement? In this program, Simon works closely with partner schools to support them in identifying a whole-school puzzle of practice, that one big question that seems central to unlocking the next level of student achievement. Then, through a process of observation, reflection and action, key in-school players work collaboratively to advance this puzzle of practice. Often, the Instructional Rounds process provides an invaluable opportunity to partner with other schools and learn from one another. An outstanding professional development opportunity, Instructional Rounds affords schools the opportunity to target what really matters to them in terms of teaching and learning, with the potential to transform student learning outcomes for the better.

Action Research
Instructional Rounds


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