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What happens next?

What happens next Thinking Routine

A THINKING ROUTINE for prediction, justifying, comparing and reflecting.

1, What happens next? What makes you think that?

2. What actually happened? Compare and reflect?


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8 to 1

8 to 1 Thinking Routine

A THINKING ROUTINE for capturing the essence of learning.

1, If you were to write exactly 8 words that captured the heart of what should be remembered, what would those 8 words be?

2. Now that you have your 8, can you distil them down to 4?

3. And 2?

4. And 1?

5. REFLECT: Share your 8 words, your 2 words and your 1 word.  How did your thinking change?  What did you learn about what's most important here?


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Memory Draw

Memory Draw Thinking Routine


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A THINKING ROUTINE for looking closely in order to explore complexity.

LOOK:                 Look closely at an image, painting, photograph or object.

REPRODUCE:    From memory, draw everything you can remember of it
                            as best you can. Imagine your mind is a photocopier
                            and try to reproduce it as accurately as possible.

COMPARE:         When you are finished, compare your version to the
                             original. Record similarities and differences. What
                             seems to match up when you compare your version to
                             the original? What seems very different? What's not 
                             present at all in your version?

REFLECT:           What have you learned? What key insights have you                                      had about the image, painting, photograph or object
                             that seem important and worth holding on to?

100 questions to ask your students during Catch and Pass



Catch and Pass is an interactive strategy used by teachers who seek to put thinking front and central in their classrooms. First, teachers ‘catch’ students’ meaning, by repeating key words, or paraphrasing, or checking that they have heard them correctly. Then, teachers ‘pass’ back to students with a probing question to press their thinking, help them develop understanding, and send the message that thinking is valued.

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8 to 1 Thinking Routine